A better system to take
Appstore to the world.

We created a segmentation strategy to globally distribute Amazon’s Appstore platform. With an emphasis on new customer acquisition across 12 new markets, we partnered with Amazon to launch their international Free App of the Day and Gold Coin programs – which significantly increased their daily downloads and amplified their presence.

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    AppStore Optimization
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    Irvine, California

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App distribution success
starts with scalability.

Google Play was dominating marketshare of apps globally, and acquiring even more developers by investing in focused outreach programs. Despite Amazon’s Appstore featuring a comporable selection of the most popular Android apps – while offering developers more money and greater opportunities for success – they were losing substantial marketshare. Without a way to quickly scale and distribute new apps across a global landscape, Amazon’s Appstore would always be perceived by both consumers and developers as a stagnant environment – showcasing yesterday’s apps and failing to generate excitement around new ideas.

We made a system that
succeeded globally.

We strategically designed a system for Amazon’s Appstore to rapidly deploy new apps and continually curate new Apps of the Day. With a smart and well-planned Tool Kit, Amazon was able to quickly and simply scale their distribution to service 12 countries. The highly active Appstore created a vibrant and energetic ecosystem and attracted Android users with the launch of the Gold Coin “Appstore Rewards” program. The dedication to promoting apps through the global “Free App of the Day” program, in multiple translations, made developers feel like Amazon was more than an opportunistic portal increasing their app inventory – they were a true partner who celebrated their creations and were vested in their ongoing success.

For the 12 days leading
up to Christmas day,
we delivered 12 free
to 8 countries.


To date, Envoy has generated more than 5000 different artwork assets for new apps and Free Apps of the Day, most of which are scaled to fit all 12 countries. The system has increased efficiency immeasurably and helped drive an increase in daily app downloads from the Amazon Appstore.


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