Children’s Hospital Project

Unlocking the healing power of play

We brought to life a healing space imbued with bright colors, whimsy and interactive play so kids can still feel like kids while receiving care. We often create spaces that solely exist to educate and inspire customers, focused on the interesting fusion of commerce and the physical experience. This was a rare opportunity to apply our skills and create a space that focused specifically on the healing process. Built to provide joy, where and when it is needed most.


The initial challenge was thinking beyond off-the-shelf games and content that we knew wouldn’t deliver on the expectation of a uniquely immersive experience. The team crafted a narrative to support the function of the space that transports young patients and their families into a world of wonder, surprise, and delight. The result was unique experiences replete with custom characters and imagined and immersive realms brought to life, both playfully and with precision.


The complete experience is delivered in three focal points: The Workshop, The Ridiculous Parade, and Sticker Book. These experiences work together to greet, guide, and ultimately engage patients without disrupting the flow or function of the space

Experience Design / Concept Development / Art Direction / Content Production / Systems Engineering / Computer Vision / Project Management / Audio Production / UX & UI Design