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We unlock the power of brand to transform business for a more connected future.

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Placing purpose at the heart of companies to create value for all.

Envoy works with companies that are taking big, transformative steps forward. We see these moments of change as opportunities. We help companies bring clarity to what makes them relevant and different and then build smart design systems that have the power to support growth and create a competitive edge.

Featured Work

  • Campbell's
    Campbell's Well Yes!
    The soup aisle was changing. We helped Campbell's evolve in step, through the conception, design and launch of a new brand for a new era in soup.
  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee
    Business and brand strategy helped Bumble Bee Tuna to re-think their positioning and purpose in an increasingly complex category.
  • Tata Harper
    Tata Harper
    Meet the new natural. We helped Tata Harper articulate their brand for clarity, and most importantly, a futute of growth.
  • Starbucks
    By taking a strategic look at the past, we helped the Starbucks executive team align on a refreshed position to take them forward.
  • Diageo
    Helping Diageo imagine, craft, and design their most culturally relevant and commercially successful partnership to date? We'll drink to that.
  • WD-40
    Reimagining research insights have been at the heart of our nearly decade-long engagement with WD-40.
  • KIND
    Sure, it's a lot to bite off, but we helped this category leader launch one of their most successful new products to date.
  • Illumina
    By creating a unified story about their world-changing mission, we've helped Illumina drive increased employee recruitment and retention.
  • RGP
    We helped RGP, a consulting firm, re-think it's employer brand for a new world of work.
  • Mattel
    We helped Mattel create a new path for how parents and kids could go toy shopping.
  • H&R Block
    H&R Block
    With tax preparation competition at an all-time high, it was time for H&R Block to rethink the service and store experience.
  • Westfield
    Zeroing in on the right consumer insights was critical to reshaping the future of Westfield, a leader in the shopping center market.
  • The Homestead
    The Homestead
    Experience design was at the heart of our engagement with The Homestead, a revolutionary resort that combines ultra-luxury with sustainabilty.
  • Petco
    In working with Petco, we were able to help imagine, design and create their most successful private label brand launch, WholeHearted.
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    • Visual Identity
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